Dry-Tooling UK
It's here!

The UK's first dry-tooling guidebook is now on sale! Get your copy now from the Oxford Alpine Club store.


Updates on UK dry-tooling news

Adventure Outside

Keen dry-tooler and generous belayer Reece Gledhill has started his own outdoor adventure company and clothing business. There may even be some dry-tooling related designs coming soon... Check them out!

The guidebook is almost here!

For more information and a sneak peek inside the new comprehensive guide to UK dry-tooling, check out our guidebook page.

Masson Lees Access

On Sunday 29th October 2023 the quarry was used for an organised clay pigeon shooting event. The BMC and other site users are currently working to determine if this is going to be a regular occurrence and how people can check if/when the site is being used in this way. Update to follow soon.

If an unannounced shoot is taking place when you arrive please leave without complaint and pass on the information to the local access rep.